GM Seating Ergobilt High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair Black and Chrome


Upgrade your office with the GM Seating Ergobilt High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair. This large mesh chair offers optimal lumbar support and adjustable armrests for maximum comfort during long hours at the desk. With its swivel feature and height adjustable backrest, this chair ensures a customizable fit for anyone. The sleek black design and sturdy aluminum base make it both functional and stylish.

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Brand: GM Seating

Color: Black and Chrome


  • Ergonomic Office Chair: The ergonomic chair provides four support points: head, back, hips, and arms. GM Seating designs ergonomic chairs to meet different needs, with seat height, lumbar support, and back support adjustments suitable for long sitting and reducing pain.
  • Breathable Mesh: The mesh back on this office chair provides support while keeping your back cool and comfortable. Air circulates through the mesh, keeping your back sweat-free and allowing you to sit comfortably in the mesh chair for longer periods as compared to traditional chairs.
  • Easy Adjustable Armrest: This ergonomic chair for the home office easily adjusts to your individual body size with height, width, and angle adjustable armrests to help provide you with stability and obtain the perfect ergonomic positioning for your arms. Desk chair large support surface fully supports your arms.
  • Multi-Function & Sturdy Construction: Smooth dual-wheel rolling casters offer a versatile range of mobility, support 360° swivel freely, and move very easily. GM Seating office chair offer an aluminum chrome base that provides a sturdy construction and ensures long-term use.
  • Easy to Install: Simple instructions enable anyone to put this executive chair together in simple steps. The instructions are very easy to follow you just need to count a few screws and bolts, and you can assemble it. You can easily find the ergonomic position that will allow you to work comfortably.


The GM Seating Ergobilt High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for long hours of sitting. With its four support points – head, back, hips, and arms – this chair ensures proper alignment and reduces pain. The breathable mesh back keeps you cool and comfortable, allowing for extended periods of sitting without discomfort. The easy adjustable armrests can be customized to your individual body size, providing stability and the perfect ergonomic positioning for your arms. The chair also boasts a sturdy construction with an aluminum base, ensuring long-term use. With its easy installation process and versatile mobility, this chair is a must-have for any office or home workspace.

UPC: 619843129238

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