X-Chair X4 High End Executive Chair Black Leather


Upgrade your office with the X-Chair X4 High End Executive Chair. Crafted with black leather and a stunning aesthetic, this ergonomic office seat offers dynamic variable lumbar support and a floating recline feature for optimal comfort. With adjustable features and a perfect blend of style and functionality, this chair is perfect for any office or boardroom setting.

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Brand: X-Chair

Color: Black Leather


  • DYNAMIC LOWER BACK SUPPORT: X-Chair’s patented Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support adjusts itself to your lower back every time you move. DVL will respond to your needs, no matter your size or weight to support you throughout the day. You won’t get this from any other chair.
  • HIGHLY RESPONSIVE LEATHER FABRIC:  Our comfortable, shiny leather fabric is both buttery soft and highly responsive to your body’s needs. Plus, you’ll have the best looking chair in the conference or boardroom.
  • FLOATING RECLINE: Our one of a kind SciFloat Infinite Recline technology lets you lean back and  up effortlessly to find the perfect position to float in.
  • ADJUST IT JUST HOW YOU LIKE: Your seat height, seat depth, backrest, armrests and headrest all can be adjusted to fit comfortably around you.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Whether it’s the polished aluminum frame, cushion, or quality fabric, all of X4’s features are highly durable and built to last long.


The X-Chair X4 High End Executive Chair in Black Leather is the ultimate ergonomic office seat, perfect for both the office and boardroom. With its patented Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support, this chair adjusts to your lower back every time you move, providing unparalleled support throughout the day. The highly responsive leather fabric is both comfortable and stylish, making it the best-looking chair in any conference or boardroom. The SciFloat Infinite Recline technology allows for effortless floating recline, so you can find the perfect position to relax in. Plus, you can customize the chair to fit your needs with adjustable seat height, depth, backrest, armrests, and headrest. Built to last, the X4 features a polished aluminum frame, durable cushion, and quality fabric. Elevate your office or boardroom experience with the X-Chair X4 High End Executive Chair.

UPC: 857809006098

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